Hi, we are the Dodoo Coding Club!

    • The Dodoo Coding Club develops educational programs for Ghanaian children and teenagers with a focus on computer science.
    • We develop a substantial academy of capable computer programmers in Pokuase, Ghana, who can assist companies with IT/coding services.

    • Without the Dodoo Coding Club, many students in Ghana have no exposure to computers until they enroll in university – meaning very few students pursue computer science degrees despite the need for capable programmers in Ghana and worldwide.

Our goals:

  1. We develop an academy of capable computer programmers in Pokuase, Ghana, who can assist local and global companies.
  2. We roll out e-learning programs to hundreds of schools in West Africa to supplement government education with real-world applications.
  3. We create websites and apps to help more than 500,000 students in Ghana every year to select the most suitable senior high schools, universities and career paths


Our Free Training Services are created to assist individuals, corporations, educators, and students in acquiring the skills necessary to thrive in the quick-paced digital world of today. We have the knowledge to support you in achieving your objectives, whether you need to master fundamental computer skills or beginner, moderate, or advanced programming approaches.

The training course equips learners with thorough knowledge of the core ideas and elements of computing, including hardware, software, and the internet, enabling them to make the most of the digital world for both personal and professional goals.
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To help you organize your work and increase your efficiency, this gives thorough productivity software training for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. It covers everything from fundamental navigation and formatting to advanced features like macros, data analysis, and presentation design.
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Our online management tool training covers topics like project management, collaboration, data organization, website/app building, and using tools like Google Sheets, Forms, Trello, Miro, Airtable, Pory, and Glide. These tools are made to increase efficiency and make it easier for users to accomplish their goals.
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Our image editing training provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to effectively utilize this powerful open-source image editing software for a variety of professional and personal projects using GIMP and Canva.
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Our programming concept training is created to give thorough teaching and practical experience with the core concepts and methods of programming.
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Users can create and program their own video games, robots, and animated stories using our training on Scratch and Lego Mindstorms, with an emphasis on hands-on activities, critical thinking, and problem-solving techniques.
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Our data science training aims to give learners practical knowledge of Python coding and problem-solving techniques.
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Our course in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript gives learners a thorough understanding of these vital web development technologies, empowering them to build dynamic, responsive web pages and applications.
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Our WordPress training program provides thorough assistance and useful skills to assist you in creating and maintaining a professional and interesting website.
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Transparent Financing

We have a funding requirement of approx. €11,800 p.a. to conduct our normal operations.

The majority is spent on the employment of a full-time teacher/program coordinator as well as the technical equipment.  

We rely on ongoing donations from private individuals, corporations, NGOs and government agencies to provide our Free Training Services.


Joshua Afadzide


"My child's coding abilities have changed drastically thanks to Dodoo Coding Club! My child has developed a solid foundation in coding and a true love for it thanks to the stimulating curriculum, committed teachers, and interactive learning environment. I wholeheartedly urge any young aspirant developer to join the Dodoo Coding Club!"


"Being a young aspirant coder, Dodoo Coding Club has been an invaluable resource for me. I have gained useful programming skills and increased confidence in my ability to take on real-world coding issues thanks to the fun and interactive coding sessions".

Angel Amuzu

DCC Coder

Reinhard Mensah

DCC Coder

"I appreciate being a member of the Dodoo Coding Club! My coding abilities have improved, and my confidence in programming has increased, thanks to the interesting classes, welcoming community, and encouraging instructors".

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